Windmeister JR-T2
Windmeister JR-T2 Wind Flag
Windmeister JR-T2 Wind Flag
Windmeister JR-T2 Wind Flag Desert Tan
Windmeister JR-T2
Windmeister JR-T2


Windmeister JR-T2

$ 325.00

The new JR-T2 wind measuring device from Windmeister™ llc.

Finally ready! Much effort and development has been poured onto this device. As well as many user requested features have been added, and/or changed to make it more user friendly in the field.

Overall dimensions of the reticle 8" by 10", easy to see markings even at distance. Included Magnus indicator line to aid vertical shift. Build materials include Aluminum, Delrin, Carbon Fiber and Stainless.  

Paddle is a balanced free pivoting system, offset axis to enforce correct angle against the wind direction. Which in turn applies the correct angular force to the rotating assembly. The paddle essential has the same ability as a windsock, but acting upon a pendulum, pushing an indicator across a reticle showing the holdover.



• Sturdy CNC Machined Frame

• Screen Printed (JRT2) Reticle on High Quality Acrylic

• Precision Machined Pivots

• Easy to Read Outputs of Wind Holdover*

• Tuning Application for Mobile and Web

• Extremely Low Inertia of all Movable Parts

• Bubble Level to aid Setup

• 360 Offset Pivot to Accurately Apply Wind Forces

• Can be tuned for a Wide Range of Conditions**

• Optional Quality Carrying Case

• Center Colored Bull is a Brightly Replaceable Sticker, 1.5" Dia.

• Only 1 Part to Assemble/Disassemble Upon Setup, No Tools Required.

• Mount is Machine Threaded for 1/4"-20UNC to Fit on Any Tripod of Your Choosing


* There are 2 ranges on the Windmeister™ reticle. One is a holdover indicator showing how much holdover is needed. The other can be used to indicate actual wind forces/speeds. 

You can also add your own round/tape stickies to indicate for  your particular conditions, Ex: Different loads/speeds, ammo/BC, ranges, and or calibers, without tuning for such. See picture example.

** The Windmeister™ can be tuned to cover a wide range of wind conditions in a simple straight forward way by adjusting the leverage acting on the indicator. An Android App is now available from this link: ANDROID APP

Lead time is around 2 weeks at this time.